The Blue Book Manifesto of Broodism

To Exist Nowhere!
To acknowledge what time it is not!
To be a special envoy, greater than ourselves!
It is not pretty
It is not Ugly
It is not the way that *Stephen* breathes
It is not a vow of chastity
It is not an affirmation of chick peas
It is not against praise
It is not emotional slither
It is not against cognitive dissonance and Chesire cats
It is not Italian
It is not functional
It is not all brain
It is does not have sleeves
It is not buried in a Mesopotamian ruin
It is a future reader
It is an inside joke
It is the way *I* breathe
For these purposes, *I* is *Stephen*
It is not without pronouns
It is constituted by glass fictions
It is obscura mascara
It is a footnote

For now is the apocalypse of our vision. We all sit, brooding in a corner, our only existance, based upon the negation of what surrounds us. We sniff ether for life and for non-life. For we are all encompassing.

We are like rainbow prayer wheels, spinning towards the couch. Entranced, we ask:

Does this say something?
Is it meditation?
Is it a word?
What kind of something is this?
And we find everything says the same thing. We are everything

We are puncturing a hole in the cosmos …


  •                              We are the didactic out of North Korea

  •                              We are always in altered states of consciousness

  •                              We are black market poets

  •                              We are living with death-masks

  •                              We are death-masks of the living bodies

  •                              We leave our bodies to science

  •                              We are illegal

  •                              It is illegal

  •                              We are the formative years without rights

  •                              We put the drone of being on the page as a stage

  •                              We play the role

  •                              Touch everything and leave everything untouched

No one is without brilliance

 ¡  The fields are alive with manifestos  ¡

Notice the popcorn ceiling hovering

It is delicious without salt

We are ageless before patriotism

The whole world is not like me

Make a flag and celebrate every flat that someone somewhere makes — flags have no nation. Only a nation will have a flag — It is no nation. It is not anything in particular.

  • We are the most sympathetic characters within the character space where sympathy’s meaning is specific to a character’s specific thought at a specific time.
  • Tie interrogates absence and we are present. We are addicted to time

— Yet, we are outside of time

–God Save the Queen!

[I am the Queen. I put my face all in it]

  Hot                      _  Not Hot

[Insert Various Signatures Here]

The Literary Manifestos Seminar Participants


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